NetSupport Manager v12

NetSupport Manager continues to deliver the very latest in remote PC support and desktop management capabilities. From a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, monitor multiple systems in a single action, deliver hands-on remote support, collaborate and even record or play back sessions. When needed, gather real-time hardware and software inventory, monitor services and even view system config remotely to help resolve issues quickly.

PIN Connect

Version 12 includes a unique new PIN Connect feature. In essence, a technician can locate a user anywhere across the enterprise instantly, simply by both parties entering a matching unique PIN code. The new PIN server module is included at no extra cost with NetSupport Manager 12.

GEO Locate

New in version 12 is the ability to identify the approximate location of all devices. Once connected with NetSupport Manager, devices can be grouped by country and, in addition, city and state location information is available alongside each active connection.

Enhanced for Windows 8 and 8.1

NetSupport Manager adds full support for Windows 8 and 8.1, with an updated look and feel, support for “toast” style messages while a user is within the Windows 8 style "Metro" mode, tighter integration and platform-specific inventory details.

New Client Interface

NetSupport Manager 12 features a new Client UI that allows a user to instantly request help, enter or create a PIN connection code, view their local PC details, request support, display a custom logo, even see live connection information and more.

Even more flexibility... with Chrome OS

NetSupport Manager 12 now supports remote control of a Chromebook, adding to our existing support for Windows, Mac and Linux client platforms. Flexibility is and has always been the key for NetSupport Manager remote control.

Enhancements and more

Version 12 includes many smaller but, nonetheless, important enhancements - ranging from improved connection support, new "live" folder links within File Transfer and a new minimise - activated toolbar for the Windows Control. A full list of updates is provided in our detailed release summary.

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