Supporting your HP Engage Devices is easy with NetSupport Manager

NetSupport Manager provides retailers with fast and secure remote control tools to help manage and support in-store technology.

By simply adding our NetSupport Manager Android App to your store’s HP Engage Devices, you gain a range of award-winning tools to remotely connect to them for enhanced real-time interaction and system support – keeping your service running as smoothly as possible!

Key features when connecting to HP Engage Devices…




  • Connect by PIN: NetSupport Manager’s quick and easy PIN Connect feature allows seamless and secure connectivity between your HP Engage Devices and the support team, simply by sharing a matching code. (NetSupport’s PIN Server module, included as standard with NetSupport Manager, needs to be installed on a Windows PC.)
  • Remote Control: The support team can remote control (Share Mode) the screen of any connected HP Engage Device.
  • Real-time Thumbnails: The support team can view (Watch Mode) real-time thumbnails of your connected HP Engage Devices – and zoom in to view a larger thumbnail of any selected device.
  • Message: Your HP Engage Devices can receive text messages broadcasted by the support team.
  • Chat: Both the staff using your HP Engage Devices and the support team at the ‘Control’ end can initiate a one-to-one text Chat session – and staff can also join a group discussion initiated by the support team.
  • File Transfer: The support team can transfer files to and from your HP Engage Devices for total flexibility and ease of working.
  • WiFi/Battery Indicators: The support team can view the current status of wireless networks and display battery strength for connected HP Engage Devices.
  • Screen Capture: During a remote control session, the support team can capture screenshots from any HP Engage Device to aid problem solving.

For use with the main NetSupport Manager console (v12.50 and above).