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The IT enterprise continues to expand and evolve with the boundary between LAN, WAN and truly mobile now an almost seamless transition. As our dependency on technology grows, so does the operational impact of system downtime, or simply the time lost by not having instant access to key systems.

NetSupport Manager continues to offer a unique proposition for desktop remote control. One solution, available from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, that allows seamless and secure access to workstations and servers across your enterprise, both locally when in the office, and remotely when on the move.

NetSupport Manager provides all components as standard, including a unique "connectivity server" that can be deployed in minutes if you want remote support away from your WAN without boundaries, cutting edge mobile apps available to download for free from Google and Apple, and one clear proposition.......

With NetSupport Manager it is a one time purchase for use across your enterprise, one time purchase for a permanent lifetime licence, a solution that doesn't require you to use or send your data via 3rd party servers, doesn't need remote hosting and doesn't charge you again and again with annual subscriptions.

Think Remote Control and you may think simple access to a remote PC screen; think NetSupport Manager and enjoy true multi platform remote control, file management, inventory management, PC diagnostics, audio and screen collaboration, interactive training tools, GEO location and much more.

Think Remote Control and you may think one-to-one; with NetSupport you can monitor and view dozens of devices in a single view, automate activities, group by location, platform, device type and so much more. After 20 years of evolution, NetSupport remote control technology is now deployed on over 12 million computers around the globe.

Please review our features page from the menu above for our key highlights, then review a full list of features available for each platform and finally, download a free 30 day evaluation you can use without limitation to see the NetSupport difference.



NetSupport Manager 12 is available fully localised in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Polish.
NetSupport Manager is consistently voted "best of breed" by the leading IT publications.

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