Remote control for unattended devices

Not every technology device that contains software needs a human sitting next to it. From factory robots in manufacturing, cash machines and credit/debit card payment machines – they’re all working away tirelessly by themselves each day.

But, inevitably, sometimes things go wrong or updates will need to be applied and it’s simply not time or cost-effective for IT technicians to go out and see to each and every one, and that’s when companies rely on remote device management software to remote control and access unattended devices. 


Clever solutions for clever tech

Remote control software helps IT teams to keep all of these kinds of company devices operational, all from a central location. So whether it’s the check-in screen in your doctor’s waiting room, a kiosk-based machine out in the public arena or even the jukebox in your local restaurant chain, you can bet they’re being looked after by an IT team with a remote control solution somewhere out there!

So how can NetSupport Manager help?

With over 5 million current users, NetSupport Manager offers the best in class for secure, reliable, multi-platform remote control and access in any environment – supporting PCs and servers, to smartphones, robots, and a range of Windows IoT devices.

No need for a third-party service, ongoing subscription costs, manual visits or firewall configuration… it’s the perfect tool of choice for any IT team!

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Key Features

Dash  Works across LAN/WAN or the internet – useful for supporting devices in any location  Dash

Dash  Manage multiple devices simultaneously (not just 1:1 support)  Dash

Dash  Connect securely across the internet with an on-premise Gateway  Dash

Dash  Gather real-time status reports of devices via hardware/software inventory  Dash

Dash  No less than 4 levels of encryption – perfect for sensitive industries  Dash

Discover how Moulded Foams Ltd use NetSupport Manager

Wayne Davies, Technical Systems Manager

Tell us a bit about Moulded Foams Ltd…
We are a packaging manufacturer that produces mouldings for aerospace, MOD, automotive, medical suppliers, building industry and fish box markets, amongst others.

What were some of the main IT challenges you faced?
I run the data acquisition system (SCADA) across our 5 sites in the UK, so being able to connect to all the computers I manage and monitor is essential.

Did NetSupport Manager help you to meet those needs?
Yes, it did!

What are the tools in NetSupport Manager that you use the most?
I have the mini view of all the connected PC’s running at all times so I can monitor what is happening and can react with remote control if needed. With the app I am also able to monitor and respond to problems on the go.

How has NetSupport Manager contributed to your organisation?
It allowed me full control over the monitored computers without needing to travel. I like the amount of control it gives you, not just from remote access but how you can monitor the computers’ resources and view exactly what has been installed.

Just some of our customers…

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Better ways to manage your devices…

IT Management tools are a perfect pairing with Remote Control tools to manage and maximise your technology.

Integrating seamlessly with NetSupport Manager is IT Asset Management solution, NetSupport DNA. It helps you discover, track, monitor and manage your technology, ensuring its maximised to the fullest!